White One Pound, Magician Stage Money, Bradbury Treasury Style Note, c1950s, VG


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An unusual -and I guess pretty rare, stage money issued by the Magical Digest in the style of a Bradbury One Pound Treasury note.

The Magical Digest was a magazine for magicians and entertainers first issued in 1949. I would therefore guess that this ‘note’ was issued at some point in the early 1950s and it’s interesting that they chose to use a Treasury note -long since withdrawn from circulation, rather than a Britannia One Pound example.

There is a stamp at the foot of the note reading ‘Herb E. Elmes, ? of Magic, Wareham, Dorset’, but a quick Google search has not revealed any information on this gent so far.

The item has folds and wear from use, plus small splits along some folds and staining in places. Nonetheless an interesting and unusual piece of banknote-related ephemera. It is very large, measuring approximately 12 x 9 inches (far larger than a traditional White £5 or Bradbury One Pound).

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